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Cotton Candy



We just love putting a smile on your face!

At Sweet Art Cotton Candy, we deliver unique cotton candy spinning services at events of all shapes and sizes. Sweet Art Cotton Candy was created by a team of people who believe in enjoying ‘the sweeter things in life.’ We’re putting a creative, contemporary spin on the classic confection of cotton candy. We’ve got a range of designs and flavors for you to choose from – including everything from the classic flavor fusions to unique concepts you’ve never heard of.

In fact, we’ll take you far beyond the tradition of cotton candy with creations in fun animal shapes, including bears, ducks, and bunnies. Our creations are just as cute as they are delicious, with flavors including pink vanilla, blue raspberry, banana, strawberry, and marshmallow. We’re turning the industry up a notch, changing the way American of all ages enjoyed their favorite confection.

We are passionate about delivering more than just cotton candy, but joy to the customers we serve. Our customers have told us that we “have the best, cutest, and most exciting cotton candy in the land!” Try us out for yourself to see what we mean.



It's what's on the inside that counts

Here’s How We Make Cotton Candy:


1.  Once the machine is heated up, we choose our sugar flavor (a tablespoon) and insert it into the bowl inside of the machine.

2.  The sugar melts and is puffed out with air to create fine strands of cotton candy, so we can gather them onto the stick and create adorable shapes and designs.

3.  You choose how to glam up your confection, picking from an assortment of edible décor including butterflies, gold or silver stars, glitter, and more (nominal additional cost).

4.  Enjoy your magical Sweet Art Cotton Candy!

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